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Click here for details on Norwegian Mortgage

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You do not understand how to begin although you’d like to purchase property in Norway? Do not stress.

We work to make sure you receive outstanding customer care also only through a select number of mortgage brokers that will help you in your application procedure. Whether you’ve no credit or bruised, are self-employed, or only must unlock your home equity, we design options to your unique scenario instead of requiring one to fit into pre-defined cartons.

We’ve made you personally the loan application as simple as feasible. Subsequently, the application will likely be supplied in your language as well as in Norwegian.

We specialize in only deal and mortgages with lenders who will compete from the neighborhood divisions for conditions, better rates and service. Our only job will be to locate our customers the absolute best mortgage product to match their needs.

We just do the job.

The mortgage lenders that people use don’t have local branches in every single city or town; they have been in the company of loaning money for mortgages just and have no big overhead. This, joined using their big quantities, enables them to mark down the rates much better than your personal bank provides.

Contact us anytime as promptly as you possibly can and we’ll respond to your query by phone or by e-mail. For more info klik her: http://penger.land

Norwegian Investment & Consulting Group AS provides for you this service. A fee we charges to the sum 750 Nkr per hour. On the long term loan interest is fixed in Norway.

  • 20 year fixed interest span
  • 3,65% – 3,70% rate interest effective
  • 20 year fixed interest span
  • 3,0% – 3,5% rate interest effective
  • 30 year fixed interest span
  • 2,7% – 3,2% rate interest effective